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But I was also poking a little fun of so many of the serious faces people often use when taking a selfie.

Selfies should be funny or fun, not you posing with what you think is a cool looking angle on your serious looking face. You got with work with Haley Webb, who Teen readers know from Teen Wolf. Are there any teen TV shows you can't help but watch? I was lucky enough to actually have Haley play my girlfriend in Sugar Mountain. It came out while we were shooting in Alaska, but we were two hours away from the nearest movie theater, so it took a few months to check it out.

We'll see Hal doing everything he can for the love of Maggie. Due to poor decisions, they're forced to do whatever's necessary to make money. I became great friends with some local adventure guides and we did everything from riding out to uninhabited islands in a zodiac boat with orca whales all around us, to 4-hour mountain climbs where we would see moose and bald eagles.

But, like most things on Falling Skies, there is an element of science fiction that plays into this "love triangle" that makes things even more complicated. After many disagreements, my girlfriend and I convince my brother to help me pull off a hoax that makes everyone in our small town think I'm most likely dead so I can stagger out of the woods later and sell my "surviving death" story to the press. But one of my favorite things to do up there was ice climbing.

The episode also includes a salute to military families where Miley performs “Been Here All Along” and “I’m Still Good.” 40 special messages from military families will air throughout the evening and will be available with the episode at Disney Channel.com/Salute.

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