Dns not updating from other dns

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See: If the client configuration is correct, make sure that the Samba DNS server is running.

Updated on 20-October-2016 at AM This tutorial assumes you have selected to use an external DNS server when adding your domain.

Email will be routed to Office 365, and traffic to your website address will continue to go to your current website host.

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Important You can create a hosted zone only for a domain that you have permission to administer.

Typically, this means that you own the domain, but you may also be developing an application for the domain registrant.

Your website stays where it is and people can still get to it.

If Office 365 manages your DNS records, to route traffic to an existing public website hosted outside of Office 365, after you add your domain to Office 365, do the following.

For more information about NS and SOA records, see NS and SOA Resource Record Sets that Amazon Route 53 Creates for a Public Hosted Zone.

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