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A perl based client to update your dynamic IP address at Dyn (or other dynamic DNS services such as Hammernode, Zoneedit or Easy DNS), thus allowing you and others to use a fixed hostname (myhost.dyndns.org) to access your machine.

It caches the address, and only attempts the update if the address actually changes.

Install ddclient in ubuntu sudo aptitude install ddclient This will complete the installation Configuring ddclient If you want to reconfigure you seetings use the following command dpkg-reconfigure ddclient You want to make sure it runs as a service and monitors changes in ppp–something that the install wizard doesn’t cover.

In the “early” days of the internet, you could find free Dynamic DNS (DDNS) accounts everywhere.

Step 1 Open a web browser and type the IP address of the gaming router in the address bar (default is Static IP: Selecting Static IP requires you to assign the IP information for the DNS-320 manually. The IP address of each device on the local area network must be within the same IP address range and subnet mask. The Gateway IP Address is almost always the LAN address of your router.

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