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The problem was that client side script was adding a 4th option: “4”.If the user selected the 4th option and posted the form to the server, the server would throw an exception because it didn’t know “4” was a legal value. NET know the value “4” is legal with the Register For Event Validation method of the Client Script Manager class.

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NET Validation Web Controls to validate user inputs without writing much code.

When a user submits the page, the validation controls will check the user submitted information on both client-side and server-side, catch any invalid user inputs, and display error messages to the user.

There’s been a change in the way the Validate Request attribute on Web Forms works in ASP. I noticed this today while updating a post on my Web Log all of which contain raw HTML and so all pretty much trigger request validation. NET 2.0 to 4.0 and it’s now failing to update posts.

At first this was difficult to track down because of custom error handling in my app – the custom error handler traps the exception and logs it with only basic error information so the full detail of the error was initially hidden.

But there is a time that you want your form to be submitted without going through the validation process.

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