Difference between domestic dating violence find tameika greene dating profile

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Instead of growing up in an emotionally and physically safe, secure, nurturing and predictable environment, these children are forced to worry about the future; they try to predict when it might happen next and try to protect themselves and their siblings.

Often getting through each day is the main objective so there is little time left for fun, relaxation or planning for the future.

Domestic violence is abuse that happens in a personal relationship.

After the relationship becomes more serious, the abuse may get worse.

Money troubles and problems with drugs or alcohol can make it more likely that abuse will happen. It often happens through controlling behaviors and jealousy. Talk with someone you trust, such as a friend, a help center, or your doctor.

— The Editors Amina Said (L), 18, and her sister Sarah, 17, were shot dead by their father Yaser at their home in Irving, Texas, in January 2008.

Said was upset by his daughters' "Western ways" and was assisted in the killing by his wife, the girls' mother.

He or she may act jealous, controlling, or possessive.

Difference between domestic dating violence

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