Dealing with parents against interracial dating friends dating serious relationship in 2016

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Nine Elle and her hubby are in the middle of a cuckold session when their barely-legal daughter, Angel, came home early from a date. Once Mom caught wind of this, she decided to pay for some new "ink".

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How can some dogmatic parents have so little regard for the happiness of – not a random guy on the street but – their own child! If your parents are paying for you, you’d better do as they say.

Boys and girls (and don’t demand to be called men and women. Of course the first step is to try to convince your parents. However, if it proves impossible, you need to take a stand – one way or the other. I’m sorry, but there are no ways of going against reality.

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Expressing Your Issues Avoiding Negativity Community Q&A It can be painful if your parents are racist.

Genetic Similarity Theory There are two genetically directed instincts within us regarding choosing a mate.

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