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Since our Library collection contains a vast amount of material related specifically to the Nag Hammadi texts (including complete translations), a brief description of the two discoveries might be useful.

What are popularly called The Dead Sea Scrolls consist of a very large number of scrolls – most poorly preserved and many surviving only as tiny scraps – discovered in a series of eleven caves near Qumran and the Dead Sea beginning around 1947.

The Schøyen Collection in particular details fragments from the Book of Leviticus, in which God promises rewards for obeying the 10 Commandments and observing the Sabbath."If you walk according to my laws, and keep my commandments and implement them, then I will grant your rains in their season, so that the Earth shall yield its produce and the trees of the field their fruit," reads part of the fragment, as translated by Torleif Elgvin."I will grant peace in the land, and you shall lie down untroubled by anyone; and I will exterminate vicious beasts from the land, and no sword shall cross your land," the fragment continues.

"I will look with favor upon you, and make you fertile and multiply you."The scrolls are some of the oldest known biblical manuscripts in existence, and were originally hidden in 11 caves in the Judean desert somewhere around 68 BCE in order to protect them from approaching Roman armies.

In contrast, The Nag Hammadi Library was discovered in upper Egypt in 1945 and is comprised of 13 ancient leather- bound books (or codices) containing in total 55 texts.

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