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The method was developed by Willard Libby in the late 1940s and soon became a standard tool for archaeologists.

This section needs to be updated with the data in gdata4 In this simulation the number of genes is 510.

Bootstrapping to find the optimal number of clusters from is taking 24 seconds with 5 cores. Average silhouette width for numbers of gt clusters According to the silhouette with, the number of gts is 5, corresponding to the number of gts used to generate the data. MDS of gt clusters The distance between the mediods and the true gts is: size max_diss av_diss diameter separation [1,] 120 3.901706 1.4369595 7.531254 5.258430 [2,] 100 5.370699 2.0334611 8.372119 2.381935 [3,] 100 5.345461 1.6231791 9.387836 2.381935 [4,] 100 2.490626 0.8647195 4.687670 5.876823 [5,] 90 2.536509 0.5860012 4.774257 7.484193 The largest cluster is #1, with 120 genes, but it is also the second widest.

Apparently, said user – who is employed in the IT arena – contacted The Guardian newspaper regarding the incident last November, and received a reply confirming the data leak late last month.

A spokeswoman for the Soulmates site told the Beeb that only email addresses and user IDs had actually been exposed, but that this information allowed malicious parties to dig up further details on members by finding and combing through their online profiles (which are public).

The Guardian’s online dating website has suffered some manner of data breach, with user information getting spilled and subsequently used in targeted spam emails of a sexually explicit nature.

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