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Wide ranging research efforts have been undertaken to address these demands through advanced nanofabrication of diamond.

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Englund, “Efficient photon coupling from a diamond nitrogen vacancy center by integration with silica fiber,” Light Sci.

Englund, “On-chip detection of non-classical light by scalable integration of single-photon detectors,” Nat.

The past two decades have seen great advances in developing color centers in diamond for sensing, quantum information processing, and tests of quantum foundations.

Increasingly, the success of these applications as well as fundamental investigations of light–matter interaction depend on improved control of optical interactions with color centers—from better fluorescence collection to efficient and precise coupling with confined single optical modes.

© 2016 Optical Society of America Full Article | PDF Article Scalable fabrication of coupled NV center - photonic crystal cavity systems by self-aligned N ion implantation T.

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