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Citation Templates and Sample Citations APA Style MLA Style Chicago Style Community Q&A If you need to cite a You Tube video for a report or other assignment, make sure you know the name of the video, the name of the user, the date the video was posted, the URL of the video, and the duration of the video.

The specific requirements for You Tube video citations vary depending on which citation style you use, however.

You could delete your video, but it may have already been viewed with links established to it via other social media that referenced it.

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You Tube noted that that Restricted Mode, which is off by default, was an “optional feature used by a very small subset of users,” and that it was intended to “filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience.” Some users also noted that a handful of pop videos — including songs by Taylor Swift — were also removed from view in Restricted Mode, leading some to question whether the algorithm that flags videos for removal needed to be tweaked.

“We are so proud to represent LGBTQ voices on our platform,” You Tube’s statement read.

You Tube is now catching up, but it may not be easy to find the settings and take the steps you need to do so. There are currently four possible status settings you can give your You Tube video when you upload it.

They are: Public – Visible to anyone Unlisted – Anyone with the link can watch it, but the video will not be visible to others viewing your channel, discoverable by Search, offered as a Suggested Video, or appear in Subscriber feeds Private – Visible to you, and to people given permission by you in an email sent through Google Plus system; just sending the video link in your own email will not work; the email will come from address [email protected]—make sure to avoid the email ending up in the junk folder!

You Tube has released a statement in response to accusations that it is discriminating against its LGBTQ users by hiding certain videos in its Restricted Mode.

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