Dating someone special needs child

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The kind of chronic stress that raising a child with special needs entails can affect relationships at their weakest points. Census Bureau (2000), 47% of first marriages fail and 57% of all marriages end in divorce.

That’s a lot of people to factor in when trying to learn about one person.

And I include the baby mamas because they are very much a part of the equation.

I have two primary aged kids and he also has another child in high school. He might turn out to be an amazing person you couldn't imagine your life without. He sounds like a wonderful father who has opened up to you about his precious son and you question whether you should continue seeing him or not. A child with special needs would present potential complications to a new relationship, as could any other children who don't have special needs.

I'm wondering if things worked out, how it could impact our lives. I would imagine that if things progress that's because you decide that having that person in your life is good for you, including all of the aspects of his life and your life that impact on that balance. Or, if there are no fireworks, then you might take into account his situation and not go ahead with any sort of a relationship. As someone with disability within my extended family, I would expect it would have been a relatively large step for this person to share their position of having a child with SN.

One is now married and her new husband loves the child like she were his birth child.

Dating someone special needs child

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