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by  |  31-Oct-2019 05:01

Just like the proverbial hot potato Just Coffee Dating has been sold again.

It also appears that they are submitting fake reviews to this site, such a low company.

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As one of the world's most isolated cities, romance, dating and finding personal relationships can be hard to find.

Perth is a sparse land meaning the options to meet single men and women can be rare.

But all jokes aside you don't need to be Nostradamus or a rocket scientist to realise that if you a single woman in your 40s and 50s trying to date may be a little tough.

There’s not nearly as many single men as there are women, and many of those single men are still hoping for that younger woman to come along.

Feature-packed and easy to use, this simple dating site is here for you, for free if you are an eligible Australian single.

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