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It begins with the front page for most web designers. Professionally, I call these “billboards on the web” as they serve up the basic information the visitor needs and not much else.

Not that the site needs more than that, but it might.

We would be very happy to support you in publishing your writings.

The Blog Model is the one most people are familiar with, with content presented on the front page in reverse chronological order.

CHICAGO — An author with terminal cancer wrote an emotional dating profile of her husband.

For more on the subject, see other articles in the Word Press for Writers and Authors series.

This article assumes you have some basic familiarity with Word Press and web publishing with websites.

Pages hold timeless information, and posts hold timely information. The three basic site models for Word Press are: The Site Model concept is based upon the design of the front page of the site and the arrangement of posts, Pages, categories and tags within Word Press known as site structure and organization.

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