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The actor who played a backwoods rapist in "Deliverance" -- famous for his "purdy mouth" line -- may have finally found his true hillbilly love ... TMZ has learned Herbert "Cowboy" Coward -- who now stars on the TV show, "Hillbilly Blood" -- is going on a blind date with Mema -- the matriarch of Reelz Channel's "Hollywood Hillbillies."Celebrity manager David Weintraub says he ran into "Cowboy" -- who's still working at age 90 -- last week and offered to set him up with 70-year-old Mema. and they've arranged the first date for next month.

Mema's family fully supports the idea of a redneck romance ...

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All eligible entries received from the date of the last drawing until CST on the drawing date are eligible to win.

Example: December AM CST April 15th to CST April 15th for the April 15 drawing date.

Being a redneck means you don’t give a rats about high society or being part of what some would consider a life draped in gold without the essence of understanding the true meaning of the words, living the dream.

So often I see status updates on social media alongside a photo that says, “Living the Dream” and honestly there are times where I’ve wondered where in the photo that dream was.

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