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You can be sure you are buying a genuine OMEGA watch if you follow these steps: Buy an OMEGA watch only from authorized OMEGA retailers who will give you the credit-card size warranty, duly completed with the 8-digit serial number, the watch reference, the purchase date and the retailer's full name and address.

A chronograph is a watch with hands that display hours, minutes and seconds, together with a mechanism for measuring elapsed time by means of a central chronograph hand, which records seconds, and totalisers for the minutes and hours (not mandatory). When carrying out work at great depths, professional divers stay in a diving bell for several days, breathing a mixture of gases containing a high proportion of helium.

These sites will also use stock photos of real watches to advertise their wares.

I can promise you that when you get the watch it will not look as good as the watch in the picture.

The quantity is sufficient to push out the crystal during the return to atmospheric pressure.

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