Dating my boyfriends brother

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Or drifted to the bottom of the sea with the weight of it all. I sigh, and finally dart forward to grab a strapless black dress, tapered to my waist with a flowing skirt that falls below my knees.

So yes you are trifling Miss Lady (I use that term very loosely).

"I was nervous to ask my friend if I could date his brother.

But try walking in my shoes for, like, a day, and you tell me what I should and shouldn't be thinking. I hear a snap from the tree outside, and I smirk, fully aware that Damon is perched outside, watching my every move. Damon and I had spent months searching for Klaus and Stefan. This whole waiting around thing has really worn out my patience and natural good-girl tendencies, by the way.

I know that I allude to a few things that could be developed, but I'm not really interested enough to do it, so this is as far as it's going. Okay, so maybe that question isn't so obvious to the objective observer. Then, I can jump Damon, climb him like a jungle gym, and ride him to my heart's content.

(She didn’t even have to change her name) And yes she had two kids with Randy.

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