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In southern Italy, the Lombard duchies, notably Benevento and Naples, had three main adversaries: the Byzantines whose colonies survived in the southern part of the Italian peninsula until well into the 11th century; the north African Muslims who conquered Sicily, Messina and Siracusa in the mid-9th century and raided the western coastal cities throughout the period; and from the 11th century onwards the Normans.

Geographical distance from the northern Italian kingdom's administrative centres of Pavia and Ravenna also enabled the southern principalities to evolve on autonomous lines.

She saw how the people in the town all seemed to know each other, and before her stay was over, she’d written the script for the pilot.

But there was one other big inspiration for the pace of the show’s dialogue: the movies of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

The trailer led viewers to anticipate the show, which will be aired in September on NBC. Reports call "This Is Us" a tearjerker and a series about parenthood tthat almost everyone can relate to.

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