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You may think that couples who enjoy each other's company, communicate well, and have a good sex life are immune from such problems. That's because marriages that don't contain these ingredients may be less robust emotionally, and therefore less able to withstand some of the forces that can strain a lifetime partnership. If your life hasn't been touched by an affair, you may think that only certain types of people are vulnerable to infidelity, for example, the misunderstood husband, or the lonely housewife.

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Ever had something happen and you may think it is just happening to you?

Maybe you are considering online dating but want statistics on dating and marriage statistics.

Some do it for a narcissistic ego-boost (if I can tear him away from his wife and kids then I must be really special), others do it because they have intimacy issues (if the person can’t commit to you then you don’t need to commit to them).

Then there’s the Ashley Madison reason of simply wanting no-strings sex and figuring someone who’s married is far less likely to want anything other than sex from you if they’re have someone who loves them at home.

To learn how this or that dating and marriage site works you should read its terms of use and help.

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