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The item of jewellery has been kept in her family ever since and has now sold at auction for £25,000.

Jean-Pierre Osenat, president of French auction house Osenat, said: 'This is a ring given by a young Napoleon Bonaparte to Caroline du Colombier, with whom he was romantically involved.'The fascinating story is where the value of the ring comes from, it's all about the history.'Their brief involvement was obviously quite special as he demonstrated by the scene on the ring.'In 1805, the year Admiral Lord Nelson defeated Napoleon's navy at Trafalgar, the dictator received a letter from Caroline.

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When I asked to see her on cam she refused and then after pressing her (?

) she put on a video of a girl on cam which was not even the girl in the picture.

When I first started my antique clock collection, the first thing I noticed was how little I knew about the clocks I had.

There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. I’m still a long way from knowing everything though.

On the recent fifth episode, Olivia is seen attending the 1963 Academy Awards on the arm of Bette, who's been played by Susan Sarandon.

Dating loved ivory

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