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Until modern times, the Japanese wrote with a brush rather than a pen, and their familiarity with brush techniques has made them particularly sensitive to the values and aesthetics of painting.An exhibition inspired by the completion of Paul Binnie's beloved series A Hundred Shades of Ink of Edo (Edo Zumi hyaku shoku) with a comprehensive exploration of the artist's nude and tattoo subjects in a variety of media.

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We will focus predominately on images of beauties and the layers of meaning and stories that are conveyed via subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) clues found in the compositions.

more info online exhibition An ongoing large format bijin series by Paul Binnie lavishly printed utilizing embossing, multiple over-printings, bokashi, various types of mica, silver and bronze metallic pigments, and 23 carat gold leaf details.

In the 9th century, as the Japanese began to turn away from China and develop indigenous forms of expression, the secular arts became increasingly important; until the late 15th century, both religious and secular arts flourished.

After the Ōnin War (1467–1477), Japan entered a period of political, social, and economic disruption that lasted for over a century.

Watanabe published woodblock prints that combined traditional Japanese techniques with elements of contemporary Western painting.

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