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"Evan and I are completely on the same page feelings-wise, and Kirk and I never were," she continued.

"I think that’s why this is actually going to work.

Edutainment may have a particular appeal to young people and thus may present a special opportunity to affect norms before they are fully set.

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Evan Bass and Carly Waddell have been an adorable couple throughout 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 3. They certainly sound like they are making wedding plans! She spent the night with him during his medical emergency, and she accompanied him to the hospital the following day.

Carly admitted in a new interview that she started falling for him during that hospital trip..

"We started getting this connection, and I remember sitting in the car on the way back and thinking, "I really want to hold his hand. " And then, '"Oh my gosh, I think I really like him. ' It was just this thing that was a roller coaster, and it started out where I broke up with him like five times." WILL VINNY AND IZZY GET BACK TOGETHER? And unlike with Kirk, Carly knows that she and Evan feel the same way about each other.

So she's not worried about getting her heart broken again.

What do community outreach, mobilization and mass media programmes encompass?

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