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While many skills and competency frameworks, specialist or otherwise, can trace their roots back to SFIA, the SFIA Framework remains independent and self-sustaining with a long-established ecosystem supporting the Framework and its users. I can’t remember which edition it was, but I opened it with the unshaken certainty that experts had distilled vast quantities of useful knowledge for my edification, entry by entry, in those gossamer pages bound sturdily in burgundy leather.Direct age dating of gemstones, such as sapphires, can be difficult.

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Since 2000, SFIA has become the de facto global IT skills Framework, used in nearly 200 countries by organisations and individuals to characterise and manage their skills.

The SFIA Framework remains relevant and useful because it is simple and generic and is updated through a consultation activity where its extensive global user base comes together to collaborate on initiating, drafting and reviewing updates to the Framework.

Shea followed this epic task with a study of the history of the phone book. The original “British Encyclopedia” was the brainchild of two ambitious Edinburgh publishers, Colin Macfarquhar and Andrew Bell, who employed a printer and aspiring naturalist turned writer, William Smellie, to compose—or as Smellie later reported, compile ““—the entries for the first edition of 1768–71.

Their goal was to create an indelibly Scottish product to compete with that most learned and controversial manifesto of the French Enlightenment, Denis Diderot and Jean d’Alembert’s twenty-eight-volume (1751–72).

The SFIA Framework began as a UK initiative in 2000.

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