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Sifting through vintage photos can be a family historian’s dream, that is, until you find out that you just can’t seem to identify the time period in which certain photos were taken.

Much like how genealogical resources and classes are helpful to discovering and sharing your family story, knowing some photography history can also be beneficial when it comes to identifying origins of old photos.

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Frühlingsluft (1908) was produced by Internationale Kinematographen- und Lichteffekt-Gmb H, Berlin. Traditional histories usually ignore the possibility that the first film to be projected upon a screen–C Francis Jenkins’ in 1894–may have been hand colored by a Mr. As many as half a dozen different colors were applied to Annabelle’s white dress in an attempt “to simulate the effects of colored lights which played over her body during her stage performance.”3 The meticulous work was performed at the Edison laboratories at Llewellyn Park, New Jersey by Mrs. Other colorists in the early days were Miss Martini, of West Orange, N. Miss Sarah Levy of New York City, and Miss Tompkins, of Brooklyn, N. These famous hand colorists brought their art to a high degree of perfection, and displayed remarkable patience in working out their results.

Credit: By courtesy of Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin. View Gallery Page “In Gaston Velle’s simple but spectacular hand-colored trick film Métamorphoses du Papillon (A Butterfly’s Metamorphosis, Pathé, 1904), a yellow caterpillar crawls along a green branch and leaf set against a black background. Artists were engaged for the task; they used a magnifying glass, but progress was provokingly slow as well as exacting and expensive, the treatment of a film with i t s 640 successive images–for the Kinetoscope–occupying considerable time.

However, this particular business association is said to have started because Stanford wanted to settle a bet around whether all four of a horse's hooves left the ground at speed; something Muybridge's single shot motion photographs of 'Occident' - one of Stanford's trotters - proved correct.

Muybridge and Stanford were close acquaintances at the beginning of this partnership.

But few still know that each photograph was individually coloured by hand,” explain directors Greg Wood and Peter Alsop.

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