Dating girl no physical attraction

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If there's just no magic for you after three dates, it's OK to let him go at that point. So many men make the mistake of dismissing someone before they get to know them.

Well, let me clarify: they went on ONE, excruciating date. She sucked it up and went on a first date even though he was not her type to see if they'd hit it off in person, but boy is she regretting it now."So I met ' S' on a dating website and although I wasn't immediately physically attracted to him, he was a really nice guy and made me laugh.

There were no silent moments, no awkward conversation and things really seemed to flow. I wanted to jump J's bones right from day one and, well, I still do!

Everyone knows the feeling of walking into a room full of friendly faces, and although each person seems nice, open and willing to talk, only one face stands out from the crowd.

Although he wasn't my usual type, I figured I'd give it a chance since we were really connecting.

Dating girl no physical attraction

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