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Tip: When you enter your new password, the colored line below the input field indicates how strong the password is.

You can use any email address as the username for your new Microsoft account, including addresses from, Yahoo! If you already sign in to a Windows PC, tablet or phone, Xbox Live, or One Drive, use that account to sign in.

Certificates of Conformity that meet the requirements and rules of Federal Committee for Mining and Industrial Supervision, issued by NASTHOL certification center. Quality control is performed on both intermediate and finished products.

The certificates are issued for: -- shell and tube heat exchangers RU.45. For overseas customers, products are manufactured to ASTM and DIN standards, heat exchangers tp ASME standards.

Receiving a fundamental education in mathematics and physics and a preliminary acquaintance with the chosen specialization, along with the acquisition of skills in independent work already by the 4th course provides each student with the knowledge and experience of a full scholar.

Thus, by the end of the program, students already have significant achievements in their chosen area of activity.

The corporation stresses its commitment to contract deadlines.

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