Dating dos and don ts 1949

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Suggested activities are even included in the back.

The rotary phone is obsolete, but have telephone manners (p. If so, what are the new expectations for polite behavior for smart phones? Should students have more lessons in polite behavior? Student may or may not have very different views from adults.

It is also important that we understand the potential of these words and concepts to be upsetting or offensive today.

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Think about the questions asked and the answers you could choose from.

Print out your result and bring it to class for discussion. Which Pretty Little Liars Babe Should You Make Out With?

There are an inordinate number of vintage instructional videos currently on You Tube.

The videos were all developed by legitimate educational production companies, like Mc Graw Hill Text-Films and Coronet Instructional Films starting in the ’40s, tackling the topics of dating, love, and marriage by way of personality, grooming, and controlling your emotions. The girl tells the minister that they’re right for each other because in all the three months they’ve been together, they haven’t had any quarrels.

But if we think we have it bad now, take a stroll a few decades back and you’ll actually be thankful for your grandma’s “don’t kiss on the first date” warnings.

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