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This book gives reasons for the reader to make decisions, then gives the options for those decisions without making a judgment about the decision that the reader should make.

It does make it obvious what the wise decision is in some areas, but does not push it.

Single in the City addresses all the dating rules when it comes to modern dating, such as; online dating, communication and being flexible in your list of partner requirements.

In fiction-land, disarming just about any bomb is a matter of cutting the right wires in the right order — usually each wire will be given a distinctive color, and an assistant will read from a manual: "Clip the red wire, then the blue wire, then the yellow wire..." The implication is generally that if the wrong wire is cut, the bomb will explode instantly, killing the person disarming it and everyone else in the blast radius.

Combines Race Against the Clock with the need to make absolutely sure you're making the right decision for dramatic tension.

Of course it's never as easy as just following the manual — generally some kind of subversion is used to heighten tension.

Known permutations: At no point is there a plausible explanation as to why a homemade bomb should conform to any color-code standard at all, especially since the designer obviously never intended for it to be disarmed in the first place.

In a world where dating is dictated by algorithms and predetermined categories, Laura offers expert and personal guidance and dating advice to help readers navigate their way through the complicated dating landscape in the ever elusive search for “the one.” Through personal stories and anecdotes, Single in the City will take you on a dating discovery expedition, helping you to find out who you are and why you attract the people you do.

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