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Your friends and even people nearby might visit your profile, rate your photos and comment on your photos.

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What male has not dreamed of the girls on the Swedish bikini team, longed for the Japanese office chicks, swooned over the French farm maiden, lusted for the Dutch au pair? What woman does not long to fly off to Italy and be wooed and seduced by some dark haired guy named “Antonio”. Argentine men are considered handsome too, because many of them have blond or light colored hair.

As for Americans and Europeans, part of your appeal is you speak English which most people here want to know–many Chileans study English, but few can actually speak it.

“The Avocado Republic of Chile, because it’s too Cold to Grow Bananas” is Chile’s ultimate tour guide. American writer, Walker Rowe, sick of the pollution and noise in Santiago moves to the country for peace Ask any male what is the best part of being an expatriate and he will tell you it is the chance for female companionship. Well, if you were a female living in, say, Crete wouldn’t you grow tired of mustached black haired men all smelling of fish?

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