Dating bronze statues

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In the hierarchical world of early dynastic China, nearly all bronze production served this purpose, and immense energy was exerted to make bronze objects magnificent.

Dating bronze statues

Separate essays on this web site are devoted to Ancient Metallurgy and to The Metal Ages.

The important point for present purposes is that in most parts of the world copper and bronze objects were expensive and more showy than useful, while later iron was strong enough and cheap enough to be used for agricultural and building tools and for weaponry in large enough quantities that huge and lethal armies could be equipped. Throughout the ancient world, the primary role of bronze objects was as symbols of elite status.

EDXRF survey had the aim to determinate the chemical composition of the surface of these two bronze statues and to discriminate their different patinas.

In particular, the concentration of sulphur, chlorine, tin, manganese, iron, copper, zinc and lead was determined by using a portable apparatus.

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Dating bronze statues

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