Dating ancient textiles American live mobile chat adult

by  |  14-Jan-2020 14:02

Fragments of ancient fabric – some dating back to the time the Coliseum was built in Rome – may give researchers better insight into the lives of Native Americans who lived in eastern North America some 800 to 2,000 years ago.

This fabric, found at Etowah Mound, in Georgia, is part of a much larger textile made from either nettle or milkweed fibers.

“The arid condition of the mines has seen the remarkable preservation of 3,000-year-old organic materials, including seeds, leather and fabric, and other extremely rare artifacts that provide a unique window into the culture and practices of this period,” the university said.

“The textiles also offer insight into the complex society of the early Edomites, the semi-nomadic people believed to have operated the mines at Timna.”According to Dr.

They were responsible for smelting the copper, which was a very complicated process.”The TAU archeologists also recently discovered thousands of seeds from the biblical “Seven Species” at the site – the two grains and five fruits considered to be indigenous to Israel.

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