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by  |  10-Mar-2020 01:49

You can be sure not to come across any awkward silences or be stuck for conversation.

Of course there are exceptions (men with their communion and confirmation money still in savings) but many of them won’t see you with an empty glass in your hand. If you want him in new clothes, you must get them for him.

They find it hard to understand that Christmas presents from the shop at the local petrol station just don’t impress.

” It’s a Saturday afternoon, and Mountaineering Man and I are doing a full house cleaning in preparation for his parents’ visit. To add insult to injury it lost its rectangular form after the first wash; it’s now just a sad, shapeless version of what it once was, when I first spied it in the kitchen aisle at TK Maxx and thought it would go nicely with some navy oven mitts I already had.

While I’m in the bedroom primping the bedcovers, he’s finishing up the kitchen.

Is there anyone who has experience with both who could tell me how they differ in their attitudes towards dating, sex etc?

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