Dating after gastric bypass surgery Script for sex chat

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I'm very sympathetic towards overweight people who have metabolic disorders, health issues, hypothyroid etc, making it very difficult for them to lose weight in spite of watching their diet and exercising.

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I realized that I had achieved improved health and activity, but my mental health was still lacking.

As a sufferer of depression and anxiety since my teen years, I’ve tried plenty of medications and met with quite a few mental health professionals.

I was motivated to not only be a success for myself, but to inspire other people to do hard things. At the beginning, I wanted desperately to be able to glide into Onederland and be under 200 pounds. I hovered between 245 and 255 for the next year, struggling with reactive hypoglycemia, mono, peritonsillar abscesses and some deep mental health struggles.

In October 2013, I had a tonsillectomy which resolved the recurring infections and mono.

You might feel frustrated, discouraged, and above all ticked off that you still have to follow a stricter diet plan. If you find yourself complaining about your physique, restrictions, or weight loss struggles, your date is going to check out long before the check arrives. If you’re already wondering what you can eat when he asks you out, check out the restaurant menu beforehand either online or in-person.

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