Dating affilite faq

by  |  08-Dec-2019 16:42

Anastasia’s Affiliate is a well-established and profitable marketing network that promotes four leading international dating brands - Anastasia Date, Asian Beauties, Amo Latina, and Africa Beauties.

As our affiliate partner, you can choose from a range of Anastasia’s Affiliate Programs that deliver regular income when you generate conversions, registrations and sales on our sites.

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The likelihood is that you want to learn more about one of the best affiliate networks out there and we at ‘Affiliate2day’ are here for that very reason.

Online dating platforms like ours can help you make money through top paying online affiliate programs where all you need to do is send traffic to us. We are a network of 2websites which joined together are part of a network of unique affiliate marking programs which are easy and free to join.

This is a textbook 101 example of putting the cart before the horse.

You need to build a website that has information people are looking for and sprinkle in affiliate links, not create affiliate links and sprinkle in content.

You can look through the programs on offer and choose the one which best suits your needs.

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