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Best Before is a date formatted as a string (SQLite doesn't have date types). Format("IIF(col Best Before That's okay for simple expressions, but what about doing what I need to do? A great way to figure out how to do this kind of process is to create a form, add a grid view control and add some columns. I'm very new to Winforms, so some example code would be greatly appreciated. Expression is okay for doing simple calculations such multiplying a column's integer value by another value, but what about doing what I need to do? (Visual Studio does everything programmatically but hides it in the Form Designer.) For this example I created two columns for the view named Column1 and Column2 and then searched Form1. The following information is what I gleaned and, copied and modified to create two more columns dynamically: // Note that this info scattered throughout the designer but can easily collected. NET database application as well as a Java database application.

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This allows you to use other date/time functions, such as making comparisons, counting days, etc.

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