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Whether it was this dashing Welsh prince’s Tinder profile pic that first caught my attention or the evidently misspelled word that appeared to be missing some vowels, is hard to say. A few years ago, I landed a contract recruiting position trading the comforts of home to embark on a three-month journey on the road.

There’s something about these countries that call me home—the beauty of the land and, more importantly, their people that have touched my heart deeply.

It wasn’t so strange that now language was added to that list.

"Cwtch is our modern version of a traditional bitter, with extra hopping for a more pronounced bitterness and aroma.

It’s new world and old world all in one.” Cwtch Welsh Red Ale progressed through local taste panels and regional beer judging before final judging at the GBBF, organised by the Campaign for Real Ale and held at London Olympia.

Some of my favourite ones that I have done have actually been free.

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