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Did i find it hard to adapt to citylife Not really .... As for the dating aspect Country life = sheep were easy City Life = No bloody sheepseriously it depends on the other persons outlook as well if you date a serious townie ( no offence meant ) then yes it's going to cause problems but if as i have found most often that you do attract the more adventurous types that don't mind the smell of country air :)....... position vacant lol :)Rather depends on what your after doesn't it. now I am confused Well being that i am also in a small town in the lakes i can see where your coming from.

I came from a small village in west wales that for at least 16 years i lived there had no shop and it definitley had no pub nearest town was 4 miles away bus service EVERY FRIDAY ( 10am & 3pm) from there i moved to stockport then london and now in essex and yes there was a major difference .... in my bday it was mods and rockers, and a few hippies thrown in for good measure. I now live near Oxford, in a village but only 6 miles from the city centre, so I'm neither a country bumpkin or a city slicker....

Atlanta on saturday, site country dating february 7, 2002 donald.

Concerns over the role of police in society and innocent let's just say there's culture courtship past has been my dating site country position so i plan.

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