Consolidating files pro tools

by  |  20-Sep-2019 19:45

In celebration of Musformations Data Loss Prevention Week, I have a tutorial on how to get your files down to the bare minimum when you need to transfer/back them up!You have finished mixing a song and the record is done but now you are left with a Pro Tools file of massive size!

consolidating files pro tools-8consolidating files pro tools-35

Cmd click any mute button and unmute the track before bouncing.

You can use the locator bar to set the start/stop points, or you can type them in the bounce dialog window.

If you have not been consolidating and deleting files as you have been recording they can end up being 10 times or more the size they should be, wasting valuable Hard Disk space and money backing them up.

I can often get a track with 15 GB down to 1.5-2.5 GB after performing these steps.

These steps also enable you to easily recall a session or give it to another studio for further use NO MATTER WHAT AUDIO SOFTWARE THEY USE!

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