maria bello dating - Consolidating databases best practices

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In addition, SQL Server virtualization is cost-effective and convenient.

While SQL Server virtualization offers numerous benefits, database administrators and other lead IT staffers must closely examine issues surrounding licensing, performance and availability before implementing virtualization.

The origin of this recommendation lies with the separation of types of workload between different physical storage, i.e. This is still a valid recommendation for environments where you can guarantee that separation, but more commonly we see customers deploying SQL Server in a shared storage environment, where physical separation is much harder to achieve and usually isn’t even necessary for performance reasons.

It is still a good idea however to maintain separation to help with manageability so that potential problems are easier to isolate.

In particular this section covers the following: When you create multiple data files they will all be in the primary filegroup and SQL Server uses a proportional fill algorithm to determine which file to use for each request to create an object.

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