Consolidating accounts icloud

by  |  17-Feb-2020 17:00

I discovered that I had inadvertently created two Apple IDs not long after the i OS App Store appeared.

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" The answer: "At this time, Apple IDs cannot be consolidated." The optimists will interpret "at this time" as meaning that this change in the future. I suspect Apple's intended meaning is "there is no mechanism in place to do this" rather than "it would be impossible for us to do this if we really wanted to." After all, assuming that the apps are still available, it seems like it would be a relatively straightforward matter of "gifting" the apps from one account to the other.

However, if that has to be done manually for each person facing this issue, it could be quite time-consuming.

Organizing contacts is a bitch, especially on the i Phone.

Some contacts will have multiple entries, you can only delete contacts one by one, and certain types of contacts can't be deleted at all.

Next up, email yourself the contacts from the other group that you want to merge into the default group.

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