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All the checks and logging functions can be used independently, or be used in test frameworks as or nose To make is extensible and more flexible, meta-programming and functional programming technologies are used in this package.It makes the source is thus likely not something for Python beginners.

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It's been since Katrina slammed into Mississippi and Louisiana on Aug. It's been since a tornado and windstorm hit north Jackson around noon on April 4, 2008.

The worst terrorist attack on American soil took place ago. For companies that have short bios of some employees on their web pages, the functions years Months and years O will automatically age the date hired, wedding date, and/or birthdates throughout the year and nothing has to be changed.

Format Keyword Length Value ------ ------- ------ ----- Day of week DAYNAME 9 Tuesday Month MTHNAME 9 January Complete date COMPDATE 20 January 6, 2009 Abbreviated date ABRVDATE 12 Jan 6, 2006 3 character day upper DAY3U 3 TUE 3 character day lower DAY3L 3 Tue 3 character month upper MTH3U 3 JAN 3 character month lower MTH3L 3 Jan Day of the week DAYOFWEEK 1 3 Day of the year DAYOFYEAR 3 006 Week of the month WEEKOFMTH 1 1 Week of the year WEEKOFYEAR 2 02 YYMMDD format YYMMDD 6 090106 CYYMMDD format CYYMMDD 7 1090106 CCYYMMDD format CCYYMMDD 8 20090106 Full year FULLYEAR 4 2009 Century CENT 1 0 Old version of COMPDATE FULLDATE 17 January 6, 2009 ISO Day ISODAY 1 2 ISO Week ISOWEEK 2 02 ISO Date 1 ISODATE1 8 2009-02 ISO Date 2 ISODATE2 7 2009-W02 ISO Date 3 ISODATE3 10 2009-W02-2 ISO Date 4 ISODATE4 8 2009W022 A typical command would be entered as: RTVDAT DAY3U(&DAYNAME) This would return the day of the week as a 3 character upper case value.

The DATE keyword is input to the command and defaults to the system date.

I offer scores of areas of expertise, not just the two or three you see in the short listing; so be sure to view my complete profile.

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