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As students, we utilize our experience to promote diversity and understanding, while striving to close the gap between our nation’s military and the society it serves.We continue to expand our group’s core mission, with multiple events and opportunities both on and off campus.

The human remains date to ∼10,300 calendar (cal) y B. We also analyze low-coverage genomes of three more recent individuals from the nearby coast of British Columbia dating from ∼6,075 to 1,750 cal y B. From the resulting time series of genetic data, we show that the Pacific Northwest Coast exhibits genetic continuity for at least the past 10,300 cal y B. We also infer that population structure existed in the late Pleistocene of North America with Shuká áa on a different ancestral line compared with other North American individuals from the late Pleistocene or early Holocene (i.e., Anzick-1 and Kennewick Man).

Despite regional shifts in mt DNA haplogroups, we conclude from individuals sampled through time that people of the northern Northwest Coast belong to an early genetic lineage that may stem from a late Pleistocene coastal migration into the Americas.

We are housed in two historic federal-style downtown buildings that served early Wenatchee as the Post Office & Annex.

The Museum is proud to share a variety of exhibits interpreting life in the Valley of the mid-Columbia dating back to the Ice Age.

Grant, who are elders from the Musqueam Nation with Chinese ancestry.

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