Cibersex met een chatbot

by  |  05-Dec-2019 20:06

But who is providing the techno-nerds with the sex information they need? Sexy Bots is dedicated to nexus of sex and geekery. Hath not a geek hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Join us on our journey into the mysterious region where sex meets tech, and erotic geekery isn't an oxymoron.

CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT MEETUP CHATBOT MEETUP On Wed 31th, 2017 we're organizing a Chatbot Meetup in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ' In 2012 we launched chatbot Trijntje for Spoorwegpensioenfonds.

But you might be surprised to learn just how many sex robots have been designed and the variety of their functions. Read Full Story: Coolest Robots To Have Sex With Today [Very NSFW] (But Not Your Self-Respect) Imagine that you run the IT for Stodgy & Stodgy, LLC. We've put together 100 tools to protect your privacy.

If you're lonesome tonight — or just bored — our sex robots article may be the cure.

A bot that uses a standard series of responses to what you type.

Invented by nerds so they can chat to an 'imaginary friend'.

Also used to keeped someone on MSN busy (if you don't like talking to them).

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