Chatman pokey sex

by  |  26-Aug-2019 19:53

You can swirl in misogyny and nationalism, throw all these terms at the canvas called America and create a Jackson Pollack worthy of an auction price rivaling the net worth of the NCAA Men’s and Women’s basketball tournament revenues.

Somehow within this convoluted splatter, a holograph named the Pokey Chatman Incident is produced; she and it are the perfect microcosmic image of what our sporting world represents as a whole.

Sky coach Pokey Chatman said Friday she thinks injured All-Star center Sylvia Fowles will be back in action midway through the WNBA season.

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The similarities between this situation and the one at LSU involving women’s basketball coach Pokey Chatman are striking.

Both Chatman and Mutch had incredibly successful careers, taking their teams to the Final Four and the Frozen Four.

Mutch is married and he and his wife just had a baby this fall.

The situation apparently came to light when the player in question failed to erase some sexually explicit text messages on her cell phone before giving her phone to a teammate.

Both coaches resigned in the wake of allegations of sexual relationships with team members.

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