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We all need to rethink the way we conduct our personal relationships with loved ones from time to time.

This is especially the case the longer the relationship has been in existence.

However, even the best sex can start to seem a little perfunctory if an effort isn’t made to spice it up from time to time, and this can in turn make all other aspects of the relationship deteriorate.

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She countersued for harassment, and filed a salacious twenty-two-page lawsuit that The Smoking Gun posted, and that two-thirds of the employees in the newsroom currently had their noses buried in.“This is some pretty racy shit,” Barry said. I’ll spare you most of the horrific details since I’m not a sadist (and since this is 2013 and you all have access to Google if you want to see the damn thing for yourselves), but the gist of it is: Mackris claimed that, over the course of several dinners and phone calls, Bill repeatedly made suggestive remarks, tried to convince her to buy herself sex toys, and on at least three occasions called her while he was pleasuring himself.

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