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The second of the “Three Sisters” operated by Heritage Line in Halong Bay is the gracious middle-child, Jasmine.

Visitors looking for both comfort and adventure in Halong Bay will appreciate the Jasmine’s friendly crew and understated elegance.

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Her ears are white and have a white and pink flower-shaped hair accessory around them.

They resemble ox horns, a typical hairstyle style in which Chinese children dress their hair.

At first, he made a client that would check if there was a new mail every minute.

However, most of the time there was no new mail, yet the client was always sending new request, causing a huge load on the server.

However, that tutorial only used a fraction of what Web Sockets could do, so in this tutorial I will explain how you can write a small chat app using the same frameworks; Spring, Angular JS, and Sock JS..

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