Cfform not validating

by  |  10-Mar-2020 23:48

cfform not validating-74

Based on this setting, the validation reflects in those tags as well.

Valid as numeric argument: FAIL: The N argument passed to the takes Numeric function is not of type numeric.

( "I just searched through 3 embedded js files and still don't see where the form posts to! As of 7 (at least in the 7.02 I'm testing) I see that it does build the ACTION with both the filename and any querystring. cgi.query_string is trivial", and that's true, but I should have mentioned that was motivated to write all this by a discussion on a mailing list where someone was finding that the cgi.script_name value was coming up with an unexpected string being prepended to it that made the form submission fail.

I suppose one may argue that they did this in response to the very concern that Gus has raised. I recommended to him this no-action approach, and it solved the problem for him, so I decided to blog about the approach in general, but just forgot to mention that it was addressing a challenge with his script_name value (since he's not yet resolved why it was providing an incorrect value).

, it will post back to itself (to the page that presented the form)?

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