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It is found in abundance in the sun, stars, comets, and atmospheres of most planets.Carbon is present as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and dissolved in all natural waters. I’ve taken the theory of Carbon Dating – that science reaches further with a little comedy – and applied it to live programming with a new 501(c)(3) called SCIENCE RIOT, INC.

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Today's 'toon was awfully, horribly, terribly, punishably tardy because I spent all fucking day trying to find a handful of largely fictional tax deductions.

Therefore, for the record, I attend fourteen churches, I drive my car 337,000 miles a year for business purposes, and my company spent $127 million dollars on new equipment...

(posted on 1/20/12) in which one character says “We’ve carbon-dated these fossils” (using the 2pbf V) and a second character says “I don’t believe in carbon dating” (instead, only carbon marriage is acceptable) a strip (posted on 12/5/14) with a dinosaur boasting to Dilbert about how cool he is because he has a Smart Watch , which he then asks what time it is, and the watch replies that this is the Anthropocene Epoch.

“Wow”, says the dinosaur, “that really carbon dates me”, folding the ‘expose as old-fashioned’ sense into the 2pbf V This entry was posted on March 7, 2016 at am and is filed under Uncategorized.

Coal, petroleum, and natural gas are chiefly hydrocarbons.

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