Brody jenner nicole richie dating

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Brody Jenner dated Nicole Richie, his old friend from childhood.

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although in fairness that quote actually has the sound of an articulate defense – maybe even not written by a PR flack. and anyone who has a symbiont that goes by the slash tag best friend/manager …

and whom fate has accurately decreed shall actually be named Pratt – is getting what he deserves.

The guy who was born as Sam Brody Jenner on August, 21, 1983 in Los Angeles has become popular as Brody Jenner, a TV star, young producer and a reality show hero. His parents are Bruce Jenner- a former athlete, Olympic champion and a TV person now and Linda Thompson – a USA songwriter and popular actress, and Kim Kardashian is his stepsister.

As Kim, Brody Jenner also started as a model, and in 2005 appeared at The Princes of Malibu reality TV show.

After breaking up with her, he was briefly linked with childhood friend fashion designer, and actress, Nicole Richie in 2008. Then he started to date to famous singer Avril Lavigne in 2008. After that, Brody began to date model Bryana Holly but it didn't last either.

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