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"X Factor" boss Simon Cowell sat down with Ellen De Generes on her talk show on Tuesday (September 10) to talk about lots of things, including opening up about his impending fatherhood and why his experiment with Britney Spears on "Factor" was a bust.

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"There was a time where I think everybody was trying to up themselves in terms of who could find the biggest known star to be on a panel," Cowell said, naming "American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez and the "other one ... After remaining mostly silent about Spears' tenure, Cowell began speaking out about the failed experiment last month at the Television Critics Association panel, saying it was a flop from day one. You invite people for dinner and sometimes it's a fun night, and other times it's not as fun as you hoped it would be," he said.

blondie" on "The Voice," in reference to Christina Aguilera. And she was fine, but I think she found it very uncomfortable," he said, perhaps explaining Spears' GIF-worthy series of odd faces, bland platitudes and lack of engagement during her single-season run. "I didn't realize that," Cowell admitted with a laugh. so we decided to change it this year and I thought, 'I'll work with three girls,' because I like working with girls," Cowell said, by way of explaining why he filled Spears' and departed judge L. This season, however, he promised a much more fun dinner party.

He realized, of course, that the next few weeks would be a bit of a nightmare due to the media scrutiny about him getting his friend's wife, Lauren Silverman, pregnant.

"It was kind of uncomfortable because of the situation ... But, Cowell, 53, is ecstatic about his upcoming first-time fatherhood.

The 31-year-old singer jumped before she was pushed as Cowell, 53, made plans to terminate her $15million contract after her judging style on the show had been heavily criticised, sources close to the show At one time Cowell had intimated to E!

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