Brenda song and andrew garfield dating

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In Rebecca Davis’ review of We first meet Brenda Song’s character, Harvard co-ed Christy, when she throws her cleavage at newly successful (and, ohmigod, final club member! A few minutes later, she’s giving him oral sex in a public restroom.

Afterward, Christy and her friend sit uselessly on a couch while the men plot the expansion of Facebook.

The upcoming flick, about the founding of Facebook, is considered one of the front-runners for a Best Picture Oscar!

Brenda shared with JJJ about working on the film recently, “It was such an amazing experience working with David Fincher. Every day I was in there I was just like, ‘Oh my goodness! It’s so amazing because it was all like a new thing and we’re all over the world.” Check out more stills at Andrew!

I mean, how much do I care about rich White guys battling other rich White guys to be the richest White guys out there?

Brenda song and andrew garfield dating

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Ron too was brought up there and they got to know each other when they both were in high school.…
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